About Us(LeadsClue)

LeadsClue is an online B2B lead generation portal.

LeadsClue provides services to find vendor for different requirements. Here anyone can post his/her requirement and choose vendor.Once you choose vendor approached from it then you may earn up to Rs. 2500/-.

It also helps sales professionals, where they can post extra or unwanted leads and earn. The intention of LeadsClue is to promote sales freelancing and making lead sharing, lead barter possible.Its a B2B lead generation technique.

This software also provides a process of sending leads to interested business vendors on their email.

How it works

It provides vendors for your requirements.You can post your requirements on this portal and maximum 5 vendors will approach you. Once you choose vendors approached from here, you may earn up to Rs. 2500/- for choosing vendor for your requirement.
Many times sales professionals have extra/Unwanted leads which is either not useful or out of their domain.
This portal is to track this type of lead where sales professional can buy or sell LEADS on their own cost.

LeadsClue verify these LEADS on call from sales professional and on successful verification Rs.100/- get added to Lead cost. Maximum Lead cost can be Rs. 400/- and maximum of 5 vendors can contact sales professional for Lead contact.
If you have database of any specific domain and you are looking to sell it then LeadsClue is the best place. Post your data and write the details.While posting the data make sure to write the data cost. Interested buyers will contact you.

Lead Generation service


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